At the vanguard of the renaissance in tango is Rascasuelos, a seven-piece orchestra empowered by four dancers who transcend tango, ballet and contemporary dance. Emerging from deep within the tension, chaos, and recovery that encapsulates the social-historical narrative of Argentina, steeped in erotic perfume emanating from the streets of Buenos Aires, Rascasuelos has become the contemporary accompaniment to a society whose streets remain forever on fire.

Tango possesses an extremely contentious history whose roots stem from Africa and the bitter rhythm of slavery. Yet tango is also seen to be a language and unique form of political resistance. In this sense, tango is more than merely a musical genre, stilettos, and designer strides. Tango instead reflects the power of transcendence. So it is Rascasuelos that is the factory restoring Tango.

In November 2016, Rascasuelos made their North American debut at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall. Ushered from the stage to a standing ovation, Rascasuelos announced their arrival on the international stage with the world premiere of ‘Tangos Vivos’.

Reimagining the genre commonly known as Tango, Rascasuelos were joined onstage at Carnegie Hall by Will Calhoun, the drummer, visual artist, and founding member of the genre-busting rock band Living Colour. An intriguing musical collaboration, this veritable exploration of Buenos Aires’ modern milongas spoke to the ‘powerful, dynamic and lyrical’ nature of Rascasuelos and Calhoun’s collective work.

Blending African roots whence conjuring a western revival of the Arabic Renaissance, Rascasuelos crash through the frontier previously dividing flamenco and tango with the original composition ‘Lunita’ (‘Little Moon’), which features Sonia Olla – choreographer, Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour 2015/16’ – accompanied by the breathtaking yet heartbreaking voice of Ismael Fernández.

In March, Rascasuelos return to IIWII Studios, New Jersey, to record ‘Lunita’ in all her orchestral integrity and splendour. To be tracked and mixed on the infamous Focusrite Studio Console #009 with Billy Perez in the chair, ‘Lunita’ will appear on Rascasuelos’ forthcoming limited edition 12” vinyl EP, which is slated for release in June 2017.

Rascasuelos make their highly anticipated debut at SXSW, March 13-19 in Austin, Texas (see: https://www.sxsw.com).